Happy Hatching


Will Happy Hatching's hens knit up the right numbers for big prizes? Select chicks and hens in search of matching numbers to find out! Some chicks hatch instant prizes and others hatch prize multipliers for even bigger wins!

How to Bet

Ticket Cost

Displays the current ticket cost.

Press the left arrow (–) to decrease the ticket cost.

Press the right arrow (+) to increase the ticket cost.

Press BUY to deduct the ticket cost from the balance and play the game.

How to Play

The object of Happy Hatching is to match YOUR NUMBERS to LUCKY NUMBERS and/or to find the 1x, 2x, or 5x instant win chicks.

Select each hen to reveal a LUCKY NUMBER. Select each egg to reveal YOUR NUMBERS and prize values.

When YOUR NUMBER matches a LUCKY NUMBER, YOUR NUMBER’S prize value is awarded.

Find an instant win chick to win the prize value instantly.

Find a 2x chick to win double the prize value.

Find a 5x chick to win five times the prize value.

To complete play, select all eggs and hens or press REVEAL ALL, after which a message appears indicating the game’s outcome, and play ends.

Reveal All

Press REVEAL ALL to automatically play the game to completion. Game play continues until all selections have been made.

Press STOP to continue the game in manual play mode.


Misuse or malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Instant wins are added to total winning prize values.

Wins are shown in currency.

Player choices made during gameplay do not affect the game’s outcome.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Additional Information

Expected Payback

For this game, the long-term, theoretically-expected payback is 85.0%.

Intellectual Property

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