Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is a 5 reel, 20 line slot with a Progressive Jackpot.

Free Spins

  • When a player achieves 3 or more Paparazzi symbols in view on the reels they receive a number of free spins depending on how many Paparazzi symbols are in view. 10 free spins for 3 symbols, 15 free spins for 4 symbols and 20 free spins for 5 symbols. A player will not win more free spins for achieving Paparazzi symbols on more than one line.
  • When free spins are in play the Paparazzi symbol will only pay out its actual multiple values, it is not possible to achieve more free spins within the free spins.
  • The free spins will play out at the stake and line value chosen by the player at the point they achieved the free spins. E.g. a player staking £0.10 per line on 15 lines and achieving 30 free spins will be paid out any winnings on those free spins as if it was playing 30 spins at £0.10 per line with 15 lines enabled.

Progressive Jackpot Feature

  • The jackpot is triggered by getting 5 Star symbols on any enabled line.
  • To qualify for the full progressive jackpot amount, you must stake max bet on any one line or more to be eligible to win. If you place a stake amount below the max bet on any line you qualify for a percentage of the full progressive jackpot amount.  For Example; If the Max stake on the game was £5 and you staked £1 you would win 20% of the Jackpot (as £1 is 20% of £5).
  • The current winnable value of the progressive jackpot based on your stake is displayed in the game. If you are lucky enough to be a confirmed winner of the progressive jackpot, you will be contacted to arrange the crediting of winnings to your account. The jackpot will be reduced by the amount you have won. The jackpot will be reset when the full progressive jackpot is won.
  • For more details please see the Big Jackpots and Progressive Jackpot Details help pages.

Pay Table

  • Winnings are dependent on the symbols displayed on the line once the reels have come to a stop.
  • 2, 3, 4 or 5 matched symbols pay multiples of the stake amount, depending on the symbol.
  • Please refer to the paytable in the game itself for more details.

Game Rules


  • Minimum and Maximum stake are at the operator’s discretion.
  • All wins pay from left to right. Any winning combination of matched symbols must start from reel 1 to 5 consecutively.
  • The Star symbol is also Wild and will substitute all symbols except the Paparazzi symbol to trigger free spins.
  • When a player achieves 3 or more Paparazzi symbols in view of the reels in scatter formation or on an enabled line they will receive free spins
  • Winnings are paid out on the highest combination on each enabled line only.
  • Autoplay functionality may be available where the game will play out until triggered to stop via; a spin limit, wins of a set amount, losses of a set amount or jackpot win (where applicable).

Jackpot Rules

  • The jackpot value on this game is initially funded/seeded with a set amount.
  • For each cash stake made on the game a contribution is made to the jackpot fund.This contribution is funded by the operator so does not affect the game RTP.
  • The jackpot has a default jackpot stake contribution percentage.Inidual operators may vary the jackpot contribution percentage for the game.The RTP section below states the default jackpot contribution percentage.The ‘JP Contribution’ field in Progressive Jackpot Detail help page states the contribution we apply to the game.
  • Stake contributions result in increments to the jackpot value.Until the jackpot seed has been covered a portion of stake contributions (typically 50%) are used to cover the seed while the remaining portion is used to increment the jackpot value. Once the jackpot seed has been covered 100% of contributions result in an increment.
  • Jackpot increments occur nightly based on the contributions from the preceding day.
  • The jackpot on this game may be linked with other games. Games that link to the same progressive jackpot can be seen in the Progressive Jackpot detail page.
  • The jackpot on this game is funded by contributions from the networked operators not game stakes.
  • The jackpot will be reseeded as soon as a Jackpot win occurs that reduces the jackpot amount to less than the re-seed amount.
  • The ‘Re-seed’ value can be found on the Progressive Jackpot Detail page.This is the minimum amount that the jackpot will be set to in the case of a win.In the case the full jackpot is won, the jackpot will be reset to the re-seed value plus any pending jackpot increments.In the case of a partial jackpot win the re-seed value is only applicable if the amount won reduces the actual jackpot amount to less than the re-seed value.
  • The last-seed for a jackpot is listed on the Progressive Jackpot Detail page.If the jackpot has never been re-seeded this will be the initial startup amount of the jackpot.If the jackpot has been previously re-seeded (see above) this will show the value the jackpot was seeded with at the time.
  • Due to communication delays two players may appear to win the jackpot simultaneously.In this case the first payout will be for the full jackpot value, while the second player will receive the reseed value plus any residual amount.Any other winners will receive the seed amount.
  • From time to time we may remove funds from the Jackpot in order to run promotions. Terms and Conditions relating to these promotions will be clearly displayed on our website throughout the promotional period.
  • On rare occasions we may vary elements of the jackpot configuration such as how the jackpot is seeded or won.Any updates will be reflected in these rules immediately.
  • For more details please see the Big Jackpots and Progressive Jackpot Details help pages.



         Average RTP is 93% (based on average gameplay). The game also has a progressive jackpot which is funded by operators.  Default contribution is 1% of cash stakes. Inidual operators may vary the jackpot contribution percentage.  The ‘JP Contribution’ field in Progressive Jackpot Detail help page states the contribution we apply to the game.

Disconnections and Game Recovery

If your connection to a game is lost for whatever reason, e.g. internet connection problems, or manually quitting/closing the game, while a game is in progress the game will still complete and you will receive any winnings due.  You can still see the results in Bet History after completion of the game.


In the case of any malfunction, all bets and winnings are null and void.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000



Last modification date: 6/19/2020