Jokers Gold Scratch Card


Jokers Gold is played over 9 scratch panels on a 3x3 grid.

Match 3 values to win.

All awards shown in the paytable are paid for 3 in view.

All awards multiplied by stake
1000 x
500 x
100 x
50 x
20 x
10 x
5 x
2 x
1 x

Auto Play

Select your number of games and a loss limit to enable the start autoplay button.

You can select the generated loss limit or enter a custom value.

Autoplay will stop if the number of games is completed or the loss limit is reached.

Your loss limit is reached when your net losses are equal to the value selected or a further spin would increase net losses higher than set loss limit.

Additionally you may enter a win limit that stops autoplay when a single game win is equal to or exceeds the value.

Autoplay will stop if the jackpot of €10,00 is reached.


Expected payback to the player is at least 90%.

Malfunction voids game.

Not all stakes may be available.

No prize greater than €10,000 can be won in any one game.

The outcome of any game or feature is not necessarily that shown by the odds displayed.

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