Chilli Fiesta

How To Play

Chilli Fiesta is played over 5 reels.

If you are playing on a mobile device press the spin button to begin a spin. Once a spin cycle has started, press anywhere on screen to turbo the spin.

If you are playing on a desktop press the spin button to begin a spin. Once a spin cycle has started press the on screen slam button to turbo the spin.


3, 4 or 5 1  in view starts the Free spins feature.

Red Hot Reels are used during the free spins, which removes 2, 3, 4, 5 from the reels.

Free spins can not be re-triggered. 1 is not available during free spins.

6 is only available during free spins.

When 6 lands on reel 3 the Piñata Bonus is awarded.

Piñata Bonus

Starting the Piñata feature will ask the player to press the screen to hit the Piñata.

Each time the stick hits the Piñata the player will be awarded an increasing monetary value.

The Piñata can fall and appear several times.

The Piñata Bonus ends when the Piñata falls and does not reappear.

Spicy Spin Bonus

On a chance basis at the end of a losing spin, a spicy spin may be awarded.

The reels will start to spin in opposing directions.

If triggered, the bonus will always result in a win.



Chilli Fiesta has 10 independent win lines.

During linear play all paylines awards pay left to right on active pay lines only.

During high roller play all paylines awards each way on active pay lines only.

Where possible, wilds always combine with other symbols on an active pay line to award wins.

Only the highest win is paid per active pay line.


1 and 6 will transform into 8 when included in a line win.

8 substitutes for 2 3 4 5 9 11 12 10 13


Press a wheel to gamble your winnings.

If the chilli stops in the green segment of the wheel you have selected, the gamble has been successful and the award displayed above the wheel will be awarded and play can continue.

If the chilli stops in the red segment of the wheel you have selected, the gamble has been un-successful and any winnings being gambled will be forfeited.

Press take win to exit the gamble with your winnings and any saved winnings.

Any winnings which would result in a subsequent successful gamble exceeding the maximum win are automatically saved into saved winnings.

Wins may be gambled multiple times up to the maximum win amount.

All wins are rounded up to the nearest denomination.

Not all gamble options may be available.

Auto Play

Select your number of spins and a loss limit to enable the start auto play button.

You can select the generated loss limit or enter a custom value.

Autoplay will stop if the number of spins is completed or the loss limit is reached.

Your loss limit is reached when your net losses are equal to the value selected or a further spin would increase net losses higher than set loss limit.

Additionally you may enter a win limit that stops auto play when a single game win is equal to or exceeds the value.

Enabling the stop on jackpot option will stop auto play if the jackpot of (500 x max stake) is reached.


Expected pay back to the player is at least 95%.

Malfunction voids game.

No prize greater in value than (500 x max stake) can be won in any one game.

The outcome of any game or feature is not necessarily that shown by the odds displayed.

Not all stakes may be available.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

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