Cash Point

Game Rules

  • Payouts are made according to the paytable
  • Payline wins are multiplied by the bet
  • All wins occur from left to right only
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays
  • Winnings from a single game are limited and cannot exceed [MAXWIN]
  • How to Play

    Your balance, total bet and winnings are displayed on the screen at all times.
    Select your bet by pressing the BET + or BET - buttons, and then press the Spin button to place a bet and begin the game.

    Reel Game

    During the reel game, random features may be awarded. These are:

  • SPIN A WIN: The reels spin to a prize.
  • CASH GRAB: If a 3 of a kind win is above the payline, the win is stepped down and awarded.
  • INSTANT WINNER: A high value prize is spun on to the payline.
  • MONEY GO ROUND: Reel symbols higlight in a circular motion; press SPIN for a symbol to be selected and the prize awarded.
  • Cash Point Trail

    During the reel game, overlaid numbers on reel symbols increment the trail. The trail may hold over from game to game at random, as indicated by the "TRAIL HELD" icon.
    When the trail is at position 4, one of 6 bonuses is awarded. Press SPIN to stop the dapple. The bonuses are:

  • Respin: Reels spin to a new position possibly yielding a win or trail addition
  • Add Again: Number on the reels are added to the trail
  • Numbers In View: All numbers in view are added to the trail
  • Double Trail: The trail is doubled to position 8
  • Boost: The trail is boosted to a higher position
  • Stopper: The trail dapples; press SPIN to stop the dapple and the trail will advance to the displayed level

  • Cash Cards Bonus

    Once above position 8 on the trail, the Cash Cards Bonus is active. One feature game is selected when the bonus starts; press COLLECT to take the feature or press SHUFFLE FEATURE to choose another feature.
    Each shuffle uses 1 Cash Card.
    The feature games are:

  • Reel Money: The middle reel spins, press SPIN to stop the reel, which then shows a winning symbol. Other reels the spin to complete the win.
  • Cash Stopper: Win values dapple on the cash ladder. Press SPIN to stop the dapple and be awarded a prize.
  • Win Streak: A series of winning reel spins are awarded.
  • Cash Repeater: Reels spin to a cash value, which is paid and a repeat chance awarded.
  • Reel Roulette: Reel symbols illuminate in a circular motion. Press SPIN to begin the slowdown and be awarded a prize.
  • Cash Climber: Three attempts to stop the flashing cash value are awarded. A successful attempt pays the win and moves the next step up the ladder.
  • Fast Cash: The reels spin to a prize value, which is paid, and a repeat chance may be awarded.
  • Win Stepper: Reels step to the lowest win, which is paid, and then a step YES/NO is shown. Press SPIN, and if YES is displayed, the reels will step to the next win on the cash ladder.
  • 7th Heaven: A red or blue 7 prizes is awarded.
  • Pick A Win: The reels are spun to a win. You are offered the choice to press SPIN to take the win, before the reel spin off to another win.
  • Cash Falls: A cascade is shown on the cash ladder, press SPIN to begin the slowdown and be awarded a prize. A repeat chance is then offered.
  • Jackpot Repeater: The jackpot is awarded and a repeat chance offered.
  • At the end of a feature game, a bonus prize may be awarded, or the feature may repeat to offer another prize.

    Red Mode

    At random, the Cash Point title may turn red, this indicates that a large win will be awarded.

    Player Information

    There is no skill element to this game whatsoever; all outcomes are predetermined and cannot be influenced by external factors.

    Payline Configuration


    Return to Player

    The minimum theoretical average return to player (RTP) of the reel game is 95.84%.

    This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company.

    The game, software, artwork, audio and design are Copyright Betdigital Limited 2017. All rights reserved.

    The maximum win from a single game is £250,000


    Last modification date: 6/4/2020