Fruity Burst Jackpot

Fruity Burst Jackpot is an exciting game with an Exploding Symbols feature and a fixed amount Jackpot.

Fruity Burst Jackpot Feature

Fruity Burst Jackpot features a fixed amount marketing prize of £500 (not funded by player stakes) that will pay out on average every 24 hours. Only players who have staked at least 20p on each spin will be eligible to win the Jackpot. The jackpot is not associated with any reel icons so you can win the jackpot even if you don’t win on any of your spins. The chance of winning the jackpot is time-based with the chance increasing over time until the jackpot has been won, at which point the probability will reset to the original odds.

Exploding Reels Feature

  • All symbol combinations defined in the pay table will trigger the Exploding Reels feature during game play. All winning symbol combinations are evaluated and values are displayed in the 'Won' field. All winning symbols in the combination disappear.
  • All symbol positions on each reel are filled as symbols tumble from above, in sequence, to fill the empty spaces. The game screen is re-evaluated for symbols in winning combinations and values are displayed in the 'Won' field. At the point when no winning symbol combinations are created and all wins are accumulated, winnings are credited to the user’s account balance.
  • The Exploding Reels feature remains active until no winning symbol combinations are created.

Pay Table

  • Winnings are dependent on the symbols displayed on the line once the reels have come to a stop.
  • 5 or more matched symbols pay multiples of the stake amount
  • Please refer to the paytable in the game itself for more details.

Game Rules

General Rules

  • Minimum and Maximum stake are at the operator’s discretion.
  • The maximum payout on this game is £55,000.
  • If you match any symbols and consecutive symbols that would normally lead to a payout above this amount you will automatically receive the maximum payout and no amount higher than this can be achieved on a single bet. Maximum payout limit does not apply to jackpot wins.
  • Any winning combination of matched symbols must be linked adjacently in a horizontal or vertical direction.
  • Winnings are paid out on the highest combination on each enabled line only.
  • Exploding Reels will activate on winning lines only. In the event of a winning line the winning symbols will be removed and symbols will fall from above to fill the space. This set of symbols will then be evaluated for winning lines and so on. The Exploding Reels feature will continue until there are no longer any winning symbol combinations.
  • Autoplay functionality may be available where the game will play out until triggered to stop via; a spin limit, wins of a set amount, losses of a set amount or jackpot win (where applicable).
  • All amounts shown here are in the base currency used on the platform which is GBP. We use a currency display rate conversion which may vary depending on the actual exchange rate at the time. The display rate may also vary from the actual exchange rate.


Average RTP is 95.5% (based on average gameplay).

Disconnections and Game Recovery

If your connection to a game is lost for whatever reason, e.g. internet connection problems, or manually quitting/closing the game, while a game is in progress the game will still complete and you will receive any winnings due. You can still see the results in Bet History after completion of the game.


In the case of any malfunction, all bets and winnings are null and void.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000


Last modification date: 6/18/2020