Depositing using Paysafecard

Making a deposit by Paysafecard is quick, simple and secure.

  1. Select 'My Account', then 'Deposit'.
  2. Select 'Paysafecard'.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit. Please note the minimum is £5.
  4. Select 'Deposit'. You'll be taken to the Paysafecard website.
  5. Enter the details requested. If necessary, you can pay with multiple Paysafecard pins by entering the next pin once the first has been accepted.
  6. You must accept the terms and conditions of Paysafecard to make the payment.
  7. Select 'Pay', and the payment will be confirmed.

When you return to your account, the funds will be available.

Paysafecard is a licensed e-money issuer, for further details see their website