The best roulette strategy for a superior experience

For most people, Roulette seems like a game of pure chance and luck. It's a classy, fun game to play and when you win, it feels like the very gods have ruled in your favour! But for the more advanced players who enjoy mental stimulation, roulette is far from a game of luck: It's an opportunity to take their mathematical understanding, theories and skills from the paper and put it to the ultimate test!

Where Do Roulette Strategies Come From?

In essence, Roulette is a game of physics, math and probabilities. The roulette wheel itself was invented in the 17th century by French physicist and mathematician, Blaise Pascal, not for entertainment purposes, but specifically to study the science of probabilities. The balance of the white ball on the outer wheel, the speed at which it travels, the likelihood of it landing in any of the pockets are all dependent on physics and mathematics. You could even say that every roulette game strategy is, in fact, a roulette wheel strategy! But when you move into the virtual realm, the physics decreases and the emphasis on mathematical probabilities becomes more prominent in online roulette strategies.

Mathematical Probabilities is the study of patterns within chaotic or chance occurrences. The purpose is to be able to more accurately predict the outcome of almost anything. The study of probabilities is mostly used to understand and predict the world around us. What is the mathematical probability of being hit twice by lightening? What are the chances of rain today? How risky is the latest medical treatment for cancer patients? When you are playing online Roulette, the different game strategies are largely based on the same mathematical theories used to map and predict these real world events.

Fortunately for us, the best mathematical minds of the last millennia have devoted themselves to creating mathematical equations that can map and predict most seemingly random outcomes with fairly high accuracy. Mathematical geniuses such as Leonardo Fibonacci, Jean-Baptiste le Rond d'Alembert and Paul Pierre Levy (Martingale system) have all been hard at work using mathematics and science to predict events that were previously attributed to chance.

At the roulette table, we can benefit from their hard work and use their tried and true scientific prediction methods to our own advantage.

How Most Roulette Betting Strategies Work

When playing Roulette online strategies, the application of these mathematical probabilities largely rests on the likelihood of the ball landing on the same number two or three times in a row. The mathematical probability of the ball landing on the same number twice in a row stands at approximately 1,368 to 1, or .073% in European Roulette, and 1,444 to 1, or 0.69% in American Roulette. In short, it's a pretty long shot!

But if you are placing an outside bet, the chances of winning increase. For example, the probability of the ball landing on the same colour twice in a row in American Roulette are 3.45 to 1, or 22.4% and in European Roulette they are 3.23 to 1, or 23.7%. The probability of hitting the same colour three times in a row in European Roulette is 7.69 to 1 (0.0013%) and six times in a row is 74.44 to 1 (0.00013%). So with each spin of the wheel, you can predict that the chance of the ball landing on the same colour will progressively decrease. But be warned: if you are betting on the outside, your probabilities of winning might be higher, but your payouts will be lower!


Roulette strategies that work all follow strict betting patterns to counter the random outcomes of the roulette wheel. It is also important to note that these scientific prediction methods are more accurate when applied to a larger field. This is because when you apply probability theories, you are creating a map of the patterns. So the more you play and stick to your strategy for playing roulette, the more you can fill in the map and the easier it is to see the outcomes.

Likewise, when you apply the different prediction methods to larger groups of numbers, it's easier to draw the prediction map. When you apply these strategies to smaller numbers, such as specific number bets or street bets, you will only see a smaller map. If you apply strategies to larger groups of numbers, such as even chance Colour bets or Hi-Lo bets, you are drawing the map from a bird's eye view, which is much easier to follow and allows you to see the general picture more quickly. This is why, whether the strategy for roulette that you choose is recommended for beginners or for the more experienced Roulette strategists, they almost all work better when applied to even chance bets.

The Best Roulette Strategies To Get You Started

The best roulette strategies to start with are the ones that are simpler to follow, focus on larger number groups, ie. even chance outside bets, or require betting on multiple groups at the same time. As mentioned before, larger groupings are easier to map and predict using probability mathematics.

Here we will focus on three of the most popular roulette strategies we recommend you begin with:

  1. Cover the Table:

    Covering the table means placing lots of smaller bets on multiple positions, so your bets will cover more than half the roulette table and increase your chances of winning. There are many different ways you can cover the table: You could bet a small amount on 35 individual numbers, bet on almost every street, on almost every column, on multiple line bets, or by using combinations such as a Low Bet (1-18) combined with a Third Dozen bet (25 – 36). The upside is that your probability of winning on each spin is increased because you have more numbers ‘covered' than are ‘uncovered.' The downside is that every time you win on one number, you will lose all the other bets you placed. The trick here is to keep your betting amounts modest, so that your wins on higher payout bets will make up for your losses.

  2. Dozens & Columns:

    When you place your bet on any Dozen or Column Bet, you automatically cover 1/3 of the numbers on the roulette wheel, which gives you great odds of 2:1. So for every £1 you bet on either a Dozen or a Column, when you win you get £3.

     table (1)

    When you play with the Dozens and Columns strategy, you combine any two of the Dozens or two of the Columns' Bets, which means you are betting on almost 2/3 of the numbers on the table. The odds of losing with such a large amount of the roulette numbers covered are comparatively very low. When you do lose, though, you should triple your bet with every loss, according to this sequence:

    • Bet £1 = lose
    • Bet £3 = lose
    • Bet £9 = lose
    • Bet £27 = WIN

    Even if you lose three times in a row before you get a win, you will still have overall gains of £14. This is more than double what you had previously lost (£13). So even after a losing streak, sticking to the Dozens and Columns roulette system should enable you to recover more than double your previous losses.

  3. James Bond:

    The James Bond Roulette strategy might sound dangerous and daring, but in reality, it's quite safe and predictable. Adapted from the Bond novels by Ian Fleming, it allows you to cover more than half the table using just 3 bets: Say you have £20 to bet, you place £14 on the High Bet (ie. 19-36), £5 on the Line Bet between 13 and 16 and £1 on 0. This means that you have bets placed on almost the entire table, except for numbers 1 – 12. The advantage of using this strategy over the ‘Cover the Table' option is that each time you win one bet, you only lose 2 bets so your losses will be minimal.


Most roulette strategies are based on long term probability patterns. So once you choose a strategy, roulette players should stick to it for a while because the more you play, the more the patterns reveal themselves and the higher your chances of winning.

How To Play More Advanced Roulette Strategies

The more advanced roulette strategies are more complicated, but lend roulette a whole new dynamic. Win or lose, when applying advanced probability sequencing, the game becomes more strategic, cerebral and intense. Try your hand at one or some of these advanced roulette strategies to change the ultimate game of luck into a science of prediction!

  1. Paroli:

    The Paroli betting system is based on a positive progression, which means you increase your betting amount with each win (instead of with each loss, like in most other roulette strategies). You start with a base betting amount, let's say £3, then whenever you win, you double your bet. After 3 consecutive wins, you go back to your base bet of £3. So a winning streak would look like this:

    £3, £6, £12, £3, £6, £12

    Whenever you lose a spin, your next bet should start the sequence again with your base bet, ie. £3. So a mixed sequence would look like this:

    • Bet £3 = win
    • Bet £6 = win
    • Bet £12 = win
    • Bet £3 = lose
    • Bet £3 = lose
    • Bet £3 = win
    • Bet £3 = lose
    • Bet £3 = lose

    The Paroli betting system considers that in many cases, the roulette wheel offers players winning and losing streaks (patterns) that can end fairly suddenly. Statistically, most winning or losing ‘streaks' last up to 3 rounds, with longer streaks being much rarer. The benefit of this system is that if you are on a winning streak, you benefit from bigger wins without taking a risk that the streak will last longer than the standard ‘3 rounds.' However, if you are on a losing streak, it keeps your losses down to a minimum. For this reason, the Paroli system is considered a comparatively safe and conservative roulette strategy. Most people who prefer the Paroli system are conservative players, so also prefer even chance bets that have lower payouts, but higher odds.

  2. Hollandish:

    The Hollandish strategy is also best applied to outside, even chance bets, such as Colour bets or Hi-Lo bets. It is a little more complicated than the previous strategies, but well worth a shot. The Hollandish system is based on groups of three spins, so you keep betting the same amount on the same number for three spins and every third spin determines if you have won or lost your round. For example, let's say the first roulette spin lands on a black number, the second on red and the third on black again. If you bet on black for all three spins, then you have won 2/3 spins in that round, so it counts as a win. If you bet on red, then you lost 2/3 spins in that round of three, so it counts as a loss.

    • If you bet on black:
    • Spin 1: Black
    • Spin 2: Red
    • Spin 3: Black
    • You won this round!

    Now let's introduce the betting amounts: Let's say you start with a bet of £1. If you win the first round, you start the next round of three betting at £1 again. If you lose, you increase your bets for the second round to £3. If you lose the second round, you increase the amount you bet again by another £2 to £5. Whenever you win, you start the cycle again:

    • Losing progression: £1 - £3 - £5 - £7 - £9
    • Round 1: Bet £1 on black = win!
    • Round 2: Bet £1 on red = lose.
    • Round 3: Bet £3 on red = lose.
    • Round 4: Bet £5 on red = win!
    • Round 5: Bet £1 on black = win!

    The logic in the Hollandish system is that each time you lose, your probability of winning the next round is increased. And the more your chances are increased, the more you want to bet both to win more and to cover your previous losses.

  3. Labouchere:

    This system is a little more complicated, but usually still provides net gains even if the number of spins lost is higher than the wins. It focusses on the amount you bet rather than what you bet on, so you can choose to bet on anything you like (though this system is best played on even chance bets). First you start with any sequence of number you like, but in a progressive order, such as:

    2, 3, 4, 6, 9

    Then your first bet is based on the first and last number in the sequence, as such:

    2, 3, 4, 6, 9 = 2 + 9 = £11 your first bet

    If you win this bet, you cancel out the first and the last number in your sequence, ie. 2 and 9. This strategy is also known as the ‘Cancellation system' because you create a sequence of numbers in progressive order and when you win, you cancel out the numbers at both ends of your sequence.
    So your next few bets would look like this:

    2, 3, 4, 6,9 = 3 + 6 = £9 would be your second bet

    If you win this bet as well, you are only left with one number: 4. You would then add the first and last number of this sequence for your last bet:

    2, 3, 4, 6,9 = 4 + 4 = £8 would be your third bet

    If you win this bet as well, then you need to create a new sequence and start again. If you lose a bet, however, you don't cancel out the first and last number in the sequence. Instead, you add the previous bet to the right end of your sequence and base your next bet on the new first and last number, ie:

    • 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 = 2 + 9 = £11 your first bet = loss
    • 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11 = 2+11 = £13 your second bet = loss
    • 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11,13 = 2+13 = £15 your third bet

    As you can see, if you hit a losing streak your sequence will get longer and longer.

    It's also important to know that the sequence you choose can change your style of play. For example, if you start with a longer sequence or with higher numbers in your sequence, then your play will become more aggressive, but the profits will also be much higher. But with LaBouchere roulette system, whether your sequence is short or long, high or low, it's especially important to stick to the strategy until you completely cancel out your chosen sequence.

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Roulette strategies can make any roulette game much more interesting and intense. So try your hand at some of these winning roulette strategies to make a profit and get a whole lot more out of your online roulette experience!