Stored Card Credentials

Why do you need to store my card details?

Under new guidelines set by Visa & Mastercard we are now obliged to gain your consent when storing your card details for future use.

We need to do this so that you will be able to deposit and withdraw more easily in future and it also helps us to prevent and detect any fraudulent activity.

As per our policy, if you don’t agree to us storing your payment card details, we won’t be able to process your deposit from this card.

How will my stored card details be used?

Stored details are primarily used so that you don’t have to re-enter all your details for every transaction you make.  In your account you will see the last 4 digits of the card number, and this forms the reference for you to reference the correct card you wish to use.  

We also compare stored details in our fraud screening systems, to prevent your details being used on any other accounts and safeguard your data.

On our ‘Add a Card’ Page you will notice we have added some extra information about the storing of card details as a reminder.


How long will your card details be stored?

Your card will remain stored against your account for transactional purposes, unless you decide to remove it, or until the card expires. For legal and regulatory purposes, we will continue to store records of your transactions in accordance with our customer Privacy Policy.


What happens if I change my mind about consenting to my card details being stored?

If you do not want to store your details then we can no longer accept deposits using this specific card. We may also need to return any outstanding unplayed funds from this card back to it prior to removal.

If you wish to remove your card details from your account then please contact us.
Please see a full list our other alternative Payment methods that you can use instead please click here.


Can these terms change?

Changes in the permitted use will require your agreement, we will notify you if this occurs. Other changes to will be emailed to you to keep you updated.